8 things to consider before getting Veneers

Are porcelain veneers right for? Veneers describe the cosmetic dentistry treatment that involves a wafer-thin porcelain cap that is bonded permanently to your tooth to hide the original colour, shape or position. ‘UK survey says 43% of respondents want whitening, veneers or straighter teeth… The survey showed 40% of Brits are considering a surgical or … Read more

Tips and tricks on caring for your veneers

How to maintain your veneers Though once restricted to the world of movie stars and celebs, in recent years veneers have become much more common in the UK. When it comes to changing their teeth – the Brits outdid the Americans, with 43% of people saying they would like teeth whitening treatments, veneers or Invisalign, … Read more

The art of creating a beautiful smile

Smile Design As cosmetic dentistry treatments become increasingly popular. This is because more and more dentists are starting to offer treatments such as veneers, cosmetic braces and teeth whitening. Over the years, general dentistry has evolved to bring the birth of cosmetic dentistry. This is where dentists are no longer responsible solely for your oral … Read more