Price Guide

The dental prices and costs listed below are intended as a guide. Some dental treatments are more complex than others and only a full assessment can ascertain the best treatment plan for you.

Rest assured that we will always provide you with a full cost prior to starting any dental treatments. Please also note that most treatments, such as the cost of dental implants or the cost of dental veneers vary in price. Each person is different and so each treatment plan is different, impacting the cost of the service.

Please request an appointment online now or call 020 7586 1210 for an initial assessment and tailored treatment plan.

Consultation & Hygienist Fees

Treatment Price
Extensive Exam, New Patient (Adult) Maximum £150.00
Extensive Exam, New Patient (Child) £45.00
Examination Every 6 Months (Adult) £50.00
Examination Every 6 Months (Child) £45.00
Radiographs (Adult or Child) £14.00 each
Online consult Free
Scale & Polish (Adult or Child), 30mins £72.00
Scale & Polish (Adult), 45mins £106.00
Scale & Polish (Adult), 1hour £144.00


Treatment Price
Filings £135.00 – £295.00
Endodontist consultation £150.00
Root Canal Treatment £500.00 – £900.00

Crown, Bridge, Inlay, Veneer

Treatment Price
Crowns & Bridges £1035.00 – £1420.00 per unit
Inlays £1250.00 per unit
Veneers £985.00 – £1250.00
Composite Bonding dependent on number of teeth and surfaces

Orthodontic Treatment

Treatment Price
Orthodontist Consultation £150.00
Invisalign £2500.00 – £5500.00
Fixed Braces £2500.00 – £7000.00

Dental Implants

Treatment Price
Implant Placement By Specialist £1500.00 – £1800.00
Implant Crowns £1500.00 – £1800.00


Treatment Price
Enlighten Smiles Whitening £650.00