At SmileMore Dental Care, we use technology, such as iTero to give our patients the best dental care services possible.

iTero, From the Makers of Invisalign

SmileMore has invested in the best digital dentistry tools to make your treatment even better. Creating your bespoke Invisalign treatment trays is much more convenient with the right technology.

Our in-house iTero machine was built specifically for Invisalign treatment. Using the machine’s scanning wand, we generate 6000 images of the inside of your mouth each second. In moments, we have a 360-degree high-resolution digital rendering of the inside of your mouth. We send the detailed digital files over to Invisalign instantly, where treatment planning begins right away. These incredibly accurate digital impressions are also used to make your perfectly-fitting custom aligners. Digital dentistry makes it easier and faster for you to get the straighter smile you want.

What is iTero?

Our eyes can only see so much during an examination. We use iTero at our dental practice to provide us with powerful visualisation capabilities and see the smallest details in your teeth. iTero is the first integrated dental imaging system with simultaneous capabilities which include 3-D, intraoral colour, and near-infrared imaging (NIRI). This technology also enables our dental team to compare your teeth over time using the time-lapse function. We use iTero with diagnostic, restorative and orthodontic services.

How iTero Works

iTero comes with a wand that one of our experienced team members moves around a patient’s mouth. This wand is small for patient comfort but it also allows us to get images of the back molars. Without iTero, the restricting location of back teeth makes it more difficult to capture quality images. As it scans your teeth and gums, the wand captures thousands of frames per second. These images combine and create a 3-D version of your mouth on the screen.

NIRI helps us see a patient’s internal tooth structure. While the scanner captures images of the tooth surface, NIRI shows us how healthy a tooth is on the inside. iTero’s built-in intraoral camera works in tandem with NIRI technology to take clear, precise images of a patient’s mouth.

iTero for Diagnostics

Thanks to iTero, we can see the exterior structure of your teeth and gums and the state of the tooth's interior. Using both visuals, we can detect and monitor the state of your teeth in real-time. This information allows us to see any progression to problem areas from previous visits. iTero's detailed images and time-lapse functionality help us diagnose decay, orthodontic issues and other areas of concern.

iTero for Restorations

iTero images help create precise physical dental models for restorative work, including crowns, veneers, and implants.

As we use the wand, the digital images of your teeth and gums show up on the screen. This way, we know if our scans are good or not before they're submitted to the lab. This immediate feedback saves us time and effort from having to take additional scans with our patients, which can delay the start of restorative treatment.

iTero for Orthodontics

iTero scanners are built for compatibility with Invisalign treatment. The technology includes an outcome simulator, progress assessment, and time-lapse technology. Before patients start Invisalign treatment they can see how their treatment will look with the smile simulator. The alignment simulation gives them a better idea of what to expect and offers confidence in their treatment plan.

Faster Digital Dentistry

Generally, iTero scans are posted to the Invisalign Doctor Site much faster than traditional scans, which benefits patients. A quick turnaround means Invisalign aligners are created and sent to you faster and treatment starts sooner.

iTero is Better for Patients

We choose tools for our office based on what benefits our patients most. iTero offers comprehensive care. We can scan patients at every visit without worrying about harmful radiation that comes with other devices. The detailed scans and 3-D imaging allow us to show patients visuals of any problem areas, helping them make better-informed choices about the treatment options we recommend. iTero also does away with messy impressions for traditional moulds, which is a much more pleasant experience for patients.

We Are Happy to Welcome New Patients

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