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Providing Treatments for Patients from our Dental Clinic at the very Heart of London.

We have a highly-experienced and professional team at Smile More Dental Care. Lead by our principal dentist, Dr Paul Abrahams, our dedicated team is here to provide you with the treatment you need.

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High-Quality Treatments for our Patients, revitalising their smiles.  

 At Smile More Dental Clinic, we have provided a wealth of popular treatments such as dental implants and dental veneers. We’re proud of the treatments we carry out.

Practice Leaflets

Concerned about your teeth or gums? Get more Information Here.  

Smile More Dental Care is here to help provide you with the relevant information you need. If you’re concerned about gum disease or what to know more about white fillings, check out our leaflets.

Price Guide

We’re committed to providing long-lasting and effective dental treatment.

Every treatment we carry out is designed specifically for you. We utilise advanced technology and high-quality materials for all dental work we carry out. We provide a clear outline of all our dental treatment costs, ensuring you know exactly what you’re paying for.

Opening Hours

Smile More Dental Care is based in central London and proudly serves all boroughs around us.

We want to carry out dental treatments that are convenient to you. Find out more about our opening times. You can call us on 0207586120 to book an appointment.

Emergency Care

Emergency Care for Urgent Dental Treatment and Evaluation

 If you’re in need of emergency dental care, contact a member of our team during normal hours on 07552122722. If you require emergency dental care out of hours, you should contact the 24 hour out-of-service number on 02087489365. This clinic is based on Baker St.


If you’re unhappy with our dental treatment or service, contact us today.

Smile More Dental Care takes complaints incredibly seriously. We’re committed to providing high-quality dental care for London, however if you’ve got a compliant, do not hesitate to contact us. We want to ensure your compliant is quickly resolved by our team.

Useful Links

Are you interested about learning more about cosmetic or general dentistry?

If you want to understand cosmetic and general dentistry further, we’ve provided with some helpful links for you. Organisations such as the British Academy of Cosmetic Density and the British Dental Health Foundation are great sources of information.


Smile More Dental Care is based in Central London and Proudly serves all surrounding Boroughs.

There’s a wide range of ways to contact us about further information on all our dental treatments. We’re available through the phone, email or you can book an appointment with us. We’re here to help you with all your dental needs.