Dental Emergencies

When dental emergencies occur, we can help fix oral health issues fast.

We Help You Through a Dental Emergency

Dental emergencies happen and you may need to visit our London clinic without having a prior appointment. We have multiple ways on how we can help provide you with the dental care you urgently need. Don’t delay emergency care. In an instance where a tooth comes out of the mouth, you need to see a dentist right away. The longer you wait, the less chance the tooth can be restored inside the mouth.

Emergency Dental Help During Normal Hours

If you require emergency dental care during our normal hours, contact us on 075 5212 2722. This is a direct line to a member of our team. They can arrange an emergency dental appointment for you and advise you on how to deal with any pain or tooth damage in the meantime.

Emergency Dental Help Outside of Normal Hours

We cannot provide any emergency dental care for patients outside our normal working hours. However, you can contact a 24-hour service on 020 874 89365. This is a dental clinic on Baker Street that is entirely independent of our practice, and they charge their own fees.

If you have a severe dental emergency caused by trauma, we strongly recommend you visit your local accident and emergency department.

Give Us Details of the Emergency

When you call for an emergency appointment, please give us as much information as possible. Knowing how the dental emergency happened and the state of the tooth enables us to prepare for your visit. While on the phone, feel free to ask us for any emergency care tips that may help in your particular situation. We’ll provide you with some advice to manage pain or keep the area clean until you see the dentist.

Emergency Care Tips Before You See a Dentist

In cases where a tooth dislodges from the mouth, do not pull the tooth out if it’s still attached. The attached tissue could be providing a blood supply to the tooth which helps keep it alive.

If you have lost a tooth or it’s been heavily damaged, we recommend applying direct pressure onto the bleeding area. You can do this by biting down onto a piece of gauze that may make it easier to apply constant pressure. In an instance where a tooth is knocked out of the mouth, do not touch the root of the tooth. Always pick it up by the crown. The tooth can be rinsed off gently with clean water, but should not be scrubbed or have any attached tissue removed. If possible, place the tooth in a small container of milk. If milk is not available, place and hold the rinsed tooth in the tooth socket until you receive emergency dental care.