Cfast Cosmetic Orthodontics

Straighten your teeth quickly and discreetly with Cfast orthodontics for a healthier, happier smile.

Digital Dentistry Guides Your Treatment

No more goopy teeth impressions, thanks to digital dentistry!

Using our in-house high-resolution digital scanners, we start your treatment off on the right foot. Pleasant and fast, we run a wand over your teeth and generate a digital rendering of every nook and cranny of your teeth. In moments, we’ll be able to see your teeth on screen together.

These digital files allow us to design a treatment plan to reach your smile goals in the least amount of time and as few visits as possible. We use these starting images to predict what your smile can look like with digital smile design and create the braces in the right size, making positioning them on your teeth faster and easier.

Cfast Improves The Appearance and Health of Your Teeth

At SmileMore Dental Care, we understand the importance of teeth straightening. Crooked teeth can potentially lead to further dental complications and their appearance can impact confidence levels too. Misaligned teeth can be difficult to clean and affect your oral hygiene, which may increase the likelihood of tooth decay. Patients can improve the health and appearance of their teeth with Cfast orthodontics. Cfast is the modern orthodontic option offering minimally invasive cosmetic results for the vast majority of adults.

We’re here to address your smile needs and offer orthodontic solutions. SmileMore Dental Care can provide you with the right orthodontic braces treatment and Cfast is becoming an increasingly popular option for our patients.

What Is Cfast Orthodontic Treatment?

Cfast orthodontic treatment relies on using almost invisible brackets and wires. Up close, you can see the brackets are clear and the wire is tooth-coloured nickel-titanium, making the brace system blend in with your teeth. This orthodontic system focuses on the front six teeth on the top and bottom. Cfast generally takes less time than conventional braces because it doesn’t focus on your other teeth. Front teeth can generally be straightened faster than your back teeth.

The Cfast orthodontic brace system straightens the front six teeth as well as rounds out the arches and fixes gaps. The brace rests subtly against your teeth, ensuring it remains barely noticeable to others. Cfast orthodontic braces are an excellent choice for adults looking to improve the appearance of their smile quickly.

Before and After With Cfast

Cfast dental braces treatment is quick and effective. It’s designed to work effortlessly as it realigns your teeth over a few weeks. This patient opted for the Cfast orthodontic treatment which greatly helped straighten her front teeth.

Before After
Before After

SmileMore Dental Care Is Here to Help You

For over 20 years, SmileMore Dental Care has provided dependable orthodontic treatments and solutions that are incredibly effective and long-lasting. Cfast is just one of our many highly successful orthodontic treatments.

If you’re interested in orthodontic treatment from SmileMore, request a consultation with us today. This gives us an opportunity to understand your needs and budget, so we can create a realistic orthodontic treatment plan. Alternatively, if you have any other questions or want to find out more information about Cfast, contact us on 020 7586 1210 or book an appointment online.