Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles give patients a strong, healthy smile. This orthodontic treatment uses a nearly invisible, tooth-coloured fixed brace designed to gently straighten and align your teeth in just six months.

Our technology removes the need for taking goopy impressions, and allows us to show you how we plan to straighten your teeth.

A Straighter Smile with Digital Dentistry

Digital dentistry enables us to design a treatment plan to straighten your smile quickly, in fewer visits than traditional orthodontic treatments.

Traditional orthodontic treatments use goopy, uncomfortable impressions to generate a likeness of your teeth. Our high-resolution digital scanners jumpstart treatment with detailed digital scans of your teeth, taking 6000 images per second. Our digital scanner compiles these images into a high-quality 3-D rendering of your teeth. We use the high-resolution images during the smile design phase to predict your future smile. It makes it easier for our patients to say yes to a treatment when they know what kind of results can come from it.

Why Choose Six Month Smiles

This revolutionary orthodontic treatment is designed to subtly improve the straightness of your teeth. The Six Month Smiles program is a popular dental brace system because of the fantastic results it delivers and the many benefits it provides.

Cosmetic advantages are simply one of the many benefits. Six Month Smiles also:

For over twenty years, SmileMore Dental Care has offered dental brace treatments for patients in and around London. Our principal dentist, Dr Paul Abrahams, takes great pride in improving the oral health of the patients that visit our London clinic.

Our dental braces treatments, including Six Month Smiles, are designed to be as comfortable as possible. Our experienced dentists understand the concerns of nervous patients, which is why our no-obligation dental consultations give us the chance to understand your concerns and needs.

Six Month Smiles and our other orthodontic braces treatments improve our patients’ oral health. By focusing on the positions of your teeth and the general health of your gums, we can achieve long-lasting and natural results that look brilliant too.

Every patient that visits us in our London clinic has different teeth, gums and mouth. At SmileMore Dental Care, we offer a range of popular dental brace treatments, such as Invisalign and Six Month Smiles. This makes sure that we offer a dental brace treatment suited solely for you.

Dental Brace Treatments Designed for Brilliant Results

Before and After Six Month Smiles

Take a look at our before and after gallery photos of Six Month Smiles. If you’re interested in our Six Month Smiles dental braces or would like more information on our other orthodontic treatments, call us on 020 7586 1210.

Before and after photo

How Our Fixed Dental Brace Treatment Helps Patients

Our orthodontic treatments gently straighten your teeth without causing discomfort. Six Month Smiles dental braces are a brilliant solution because of their versatility and the results they get after just six months.

Crooked teeth can make it increasingly difficult to brush and floss each tooth effectively. This can gradually lead to further oral health complications in the future.

With the Six Month Smile fixed brace, the patient’s teeth have straightened significantly in this before and after photo. More importantly, the gum margins are starting to line up correctly too, improving the oral health of the mouth.

Interested in Six Month Smiles?

The initial Six Months Smiles consultation is free of charge. Call 020 7586 1210 for more information or book an appointment online. You can find our London dental practice based on St John’s High Street. We look forward to seeing you soon.