The fastest route to gorgeous teeth is with SmileFast, a cutting-edge composite bonding technique. Once the SmileFast guide is ready, you’ll have an improved smile in about 60 minutes.

Quick and Efficient Composite Bonding

Composite bonding uses a white filling material that we add to your teeth to resolve several cosmetic issues. Traditional composite bonding can take hours of freehand work, and can become expensive depending on the amount of treatment that needs to be done. SmileFast is a system created by orthodontists that combines orthodontics, ceramics and composite to deliver an exceptional smile that can be fitted in approximately one hour. SmileFast offers a smile makeover on the front six teeth, which is one reason the treatment is so quick. We use an innovative SmileFast stent for completing the procedure, preserving your original teeth and removing the need for invasive drilling. With 3-D technology and the patented SmileFast system, patients are able to improve their smiles faster than other methods of cosmetic dentistry.

Issues We Can Fix with SmileFast

SmileFast is a handy and versatile treatment option that resolves many smile concerns for our patients. Using this efficient method of cosmetic dentistry, we can:

SmileFast is Digital Dentistry at Its Finest

The SmileMore team of dentists work with the SmileFast laboratory technicians to create your brilliant new smile in just a few easy steps:


We start by taking photos of your teeth with our in-house scanning technology. Once we've captured the necessary images, we upload the files to the SmileFast portal and include instructions on how you would like your teeth to look.


SmileFast works from the images and instructions and uses 3-D planning technology to design your smile and propose all available treatment options to achieve your desired results.


We'll review the treatment options with you, and you will decide on which treatment you would like to pursue.


SmileFast sends us a template of your smile design (your trial smile) and you can test it out and advise if any adjustments are needed.


Once we give the SmileFast laboratory the green light, they will create your SmileFast guide and send us all the materials required to place your new smile. At your next appointment, we insert the composite into the guide and then bond it to your teeth in a single application. A pre-separating mechanism helps us achieve individual teeth placement, so the final texture and appearance can be quickly transferred to your new smile.

SmileFast Benefits for You

Patients come to us from all over London for SmileFast treatment. There are several reasons to consider SmileFast if you want to transform your smile.


There is less time required for treatment, both in the planning stages and for the procedure itself.


SmileFast is a more affordable treatment option than traditional orthodontics and veneers.


The advanced stent used for completing customised composite smile makeovers eliminates the need for invasive drilling.


SmileFast is a pain-free treatment that doesn’t damage your natural teeth.


As you’re involved in the planning, you can request changes or adjustments before the final stage.


You can resume your normal activities immediately after treatment.

Caring for Your Teeth After SmileFast Treatment

After your new smile is placed, you want to make sure you take care of it. The good news is that it’s easy to care for your new teeth. As always, keep up with proper dental hygiene by brushing twice and flossing once a day and staying on top of your dental check-ups. Avoiding biting into hard food and candy, and not biting your nails goes a long way. To maintain a pristine colour, minimise your intake of food and drinks that may stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, berries, and curries. Now, though you will care for your SmileFast teeth the same as your natural teeth, it’s unlikely they will last forever. Composite material tends to look its best for around six to eight years, but it may eventually stain or chip. If and when this happens, the team at SmileMore can repair, replace or polish them up, so they’re good as new.

You’re One Consultation Away from Beautiful Teeth

Whether you’re curious and want to learn more, or you’re ready to get started on actively improving your smile, contact us for a consultation. We’ll never pressure you into any treatments, as our practice always works for the patient your best interests. Get in touch to see if SmileFast is suitable for you, or if you want to learn more about other cosmetic dentistry treatments that can elevate your smile.