Our Principal Dentist, Dr Paul Abrahams, has over 20 years with providing general dentistry and cosmetic dental treatments. He leads a highly experienced and talented team that help a number of patients at our London Clinic on a daily basis with our dependable treatments.

“We strive to exceed your expectations and provide you with exceptional dental care.” Dr Paul Abrahams.

We’re committed to providing general dentistry treatments that are effective for improving your dental health and maintaining it to an incredibly high standard. If you have any further questions about our general dentistry treatments, find the best way to contact us today.

White fillings

Our White Tooth fillings are designed to restore a damaged or decayed tooth.

This treatment enables us to repair and replace missing tooth tissue, restoring your tooth’s appearance and health.

All our White Tooth fillings treatments are incredibly durable and long-lasting for the foreseeable future.

Root Canal Treatment

Painless and effective endodontic treatment that treats your infected tooth.

We’re proud of the latest innovations and technologies used to ensure treatment is simple and virtually painless.

Our root canal treatment is carried out with specific instruments that guarantee you comfort throughout treatment.

Dental Crowns

Dental Crown treatments that can greatly improve the general appearance of your teeth and oral health.

Dental crowns are a perfect solution for teeth that are chipped, decayed or discoloured.

Our dental crown treatments are carried out with the latest innovations that guarantee fantastic and natural-looking results.

Keeping Teeth Health

Smile More Dental Care takes great pride in ensuring that your oral health and teeth remain healthy.

We offer treatments designed to combat diseases that can affect your oral health, such as gum disease.

Our preventive dentistry can help prevent any oral problems occurring in the future.  

Discoloured Teeth

At Smile More Dental Care, we can provide leading and dependable treatment for discoloured teeth.

Our treatments are designed to provide effective results for discoloured teeth on the surface or inside the tooth.

Our experienced dentists can design a treatment that’s right for you.

Children’s Dentistry

We’re committed to providing high-quality dental care to all ages of the family.

Our London children’s dentistry ensures that your child’s gums and teeth remain healthy throughout their growth.

We recommend your child visits the dentist once a year and our caring and experienced staff take great pride in children’s dentistry.  


Tooth Grinding (Bruxing)

Our Tooth Grinding solutions are designed to prevent further tooth grinding as you sleep.

We use innovative techniques that allow us to provide a solution to combat tooth grinding.

A popular solution is to create a custom-made night guard for your teeth whilst you sleep.

Bite Analysis (T-Scan)

We can help correct an overbite or underbite with our computerised scans.

At our London Clinic, Smile More can analysis your current bite and design a treatment to help correct it.

Unbalanced bites may lead to loose teeth and joint pain, however, we’re here to provide you with long-lasting treatment.


Smile More can provide you or your child with custom-made mouth guards, guaranteeing long-lasting protection.

Our mouth guards are custom-made to ensure maximum protection as well as comfort.

Contact us on 02075861210 for more information on our custom mouth guards.

Problem Solver

Unsure about an oral problem affecting you? Find out more here about what you should do.

Our Problem Solver is here to give you further clarification on what to do with an oral health problem.

If you’re still unsure about what to do, feel free to contact us today for more information.

Fissure Sealants

Our Fissure Sealants ensure that your Child’s first adult molars are healthy and protected.

We can help seal erupting, permanent molars with a protective resin.   

This treatment prevents bacteria and food from getting collected, greatly minimising the chance of tooth decay.