White fillings

Dental Tooth Fillings are one of the most basic methods of restoring teeth. They do exactly what their name suggests – they fill a hole in the tooth that has been caused by decay, playing an important role in helping us to keep a tooth for many more years.

Root Canal Treatment

We usually recommend root canal treatments when the pulp of the tooth becomes infected, either through decay or injury. The pulp is the soft bit inside the tooth, and runs right through the root, carrying the nerve supply and nutrients.

In these circumstances, root canal treatment will prolong the life of the tooth and avoid extraction

Dental Crowns

If you have broken down teeth, very dark and discoloured teeth or decay then a dental crown may be an option for you.

Patients often find they feel in better health after having broken down teeth restored to life with crowns, leaving them confident and with more self esteem - ready to face the world again with a smile.

Keeping Teeth Health

Research has proved beyond doubt that when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums, preventive dentistry is the best way of avoiding any potential problems.

Fissure Sealants

As a Preventive measure we recommend the "sealing" of all permanent molars as they erupt into your childs mouth.

Children’s Dentistry

Caring for all the family is at the heart of SmileMore Dental Care. Children from as young as two years-old should start to visit the dentist to ensure they are on the road to healthy teeth and gums for life.

Tooth Grinding (Bruxing)

Grinding or clenching your teeth during the day is the result of some of the strongest muscles in your body tensing up (6 to 20 more times than non sufferers !) which can cause morning and tension headaches, and damage surrounding joints and other muscles.

Bite Analysis (T-Scan)

When a bite is unbalanced problems may result such as damaged restorations, loose teeth, joint pain and excessive sensitivity.


Mouthguards are an essential part of a sports kit these days, both for children and adults

Problem Solver

Most of us suffer from oral health problems at sometime or other, but it isn’t always easy to know whether you should seek professional help for them. Here is a list of some of the more common problems, with advice on what you should do about them.