Root Canal Treatment & Specialist Root Canal Treatment

We’re experts at treating infection and nerve damage in the tooth. Make an appointment for a root canal procedure at our London dental practice.

Dependable Root Canal Treatment in London

SmileMore Dental Care understands the importance of maintaining a high level of oral health. All of our dental treatments are designed to improve your oral health by creating a strong, healthy foundation. Our patients are in the best care as we have an in-house specialist for root canal treatment at our dental practice.

Our root canal treatment can help remove infection and any damage to the nerve located deep inside the root of your tooth. The root canal is a tube that’s located inside each tooth, connecting the root of the tooth to a small chamber inside the crown. A root canal holds the tooth’s blood and nerve supply which is commonly referred to as pulp.

Our root canal procedure focuses on removing bacteria that can get inside the root canal. Bacteria build-up can affect the nerve of the tooth and can cause it to deteriorate and die. Root canal treatment removes the infection and the dying nerve inside the canal.

If left untreated, the infected tooth may have to be extracted altogether and replaced with a natural-looking, long-lasting crown. At SmileMore Dental Care, our dental root canal treatment involves thoroughly cleaning the canal once we’ve removed the damaged nerve tissue. This ensures the bacteria has properly been cleaned, removing the risk of further infection to the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Specialists Can Save the Tooth

Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

If you’ve noticed swelling in the gum area, have constant toothache or pain when chewing or opening your mouth, you may need root canal treatment.

The Oral Health Advantages of Dental Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment offers a wealth of oral health benefits. Before undergoing a root canal procedure, a member of our experienced dental team will explain why you need root canal treatment. The benefits of root canal treatment include:

Saving the tooth from extraction. If a root canal procedure is done as soon as possible, it eliminates the need to remove the tooth.

Preventing the bacteria inside the canal from spreading to neighbouring teeth.

Removing any pain associated with the infected tooth. As bacteria builds up, it can lead to a toothache; root canal treatment will stop this.

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