Children's Dentistry

Taking proper care of your teeth starts early. Our team at SmileMore Dental Care can help little ones form a foundation for their oral health and start good habits early.

Caring for Children's Teeth Is Extremely Important

Caring for the oral health of all family members is at the heart of SmileMore Dental Care. Children as young as two years old should visit the dentist, ensuring they are on the road to healthy teeth and gums for life.

The intention of children’s initial dental visits is to help them get to know the dentist and feel safe and secure in our practice. Starting dental visits early enables parents to ask questions, voice concerns about their child’s oral health and get some tips on how to effectively clean children’s teeth.

Dr Paul Abrahams is a father of four himself, and at ease helping youngsters familiarise themselves with visiting the dentist. Dr Abrahams carries out children’s preliminary dental examinations for our young clients. He works with our hygienists who help educate children on better brushing and keeping teeth clean and healthy.

We recommend that children should visit both the dentist and hygienist twice a year. These visits allow us to see how well they’re taking care of their teeth. During these checkups, we can also treat any areas of concern before they become bigger oral health issues.

Any areas of concern, such as cavities, are taken care of by Dr Abrahams. If there are issues with overcrowded teeth or tooth development, we can refer children to a trusted paediatric dentist.

Though children’s primary teeth eventually fall out as their permanent teeth come in, it’s important to care for these baby teeth. Children’s teeth need to be healthy as they help children eat, speak clearly, and guide the permanent teeth into the right position. If you notice any sensitivities or your child tells you about any oral health pain, please give us a call right away.

We help parents avoid some dental emergencies in children by focusing on preventing possible injuries during playtime or sports. We make special sport mouth guards for children, which are essential to avoid potentially severe injuries.

Oral Health Issues in Children

Paediatric Dentist

Occasionally some children need specialised dental care to help them with their treatment. Where necessary we are happy to refer children to paediatric dentists (a dedicated kids’ dentist) for more challenging procedures.

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We can’t wait to welcome your little one to our London dental practice. We provide dental care to many children, and we look forward to having your child as one of our patients. Call us or book an appointment online.