Enhance Your Smile with Our Effective, Long-Lasting Orthodontic Treatments

At Smile More Dental Care, we’re committed to providing you with the right orthodontic treatment that will guarantee you straightened and well-aligned teeth. We understand that you want effective results, which is why we’re constantly using innovative orthodontic treatments such as six-month smiles.

With over twenty years of experience, Dr Paul Abrahams has overseen countless orthodontic treatments. Advanced orthodontic treatments and solutions have enabled us to offer a range of innovative braces such as Invisalign clear braces or braces focused on the front six teeth.

You should feel comfortable and happy with your teeth and smile. Smile More Dental Care is here to help achieve the perfect smile that you’ve envisioned.

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Inman Aligner

Inman straightens crowding in front teeth in a matter of weeks.

The Inman Aligner is a revolutionary method for correcting crowded front teeth (upper or lower) and achieving tooth movement in a short period of time.

Dr Paul Abrahams is our resident orthodontics in London.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smile is an effective orthodontic solution that utilises invisible clear braces.

This treatment gently straightens and aligns your teeth in just six months.

It is one of our most popular choices amongst young adults because it doesn’t require traditional and noticeable braces.

CFast Orthodontics

CFast is the modern orthodontic option offering minimally invasive cosmetic results. 

Nickel-Titanium wires are gently applied to the front six of your teeth.

CFast tends to be a faster solution than other orthodontic treatments because it focuses on your front six teeth.  


Invisalign Clear Orthodontics can give you effective results discreetly and quickly.

Smile More Dental Care is proud to offer Invisalign to our patients.

Invisalign braces are clear and can be worn at all times. They can make your teeth straighter whilst the orthodontic treatment remains discreet.

Straight Teeth in 12 weeks

Revolutionary Orthodontic Treatment Available At Smile More.

This orthodontic treatment is designed to give you straight teeth within 10-12 weeks.

By using the Inman Aligner, you can get the results you want in weeks.

Before and After

For over twenty years, Smile More guarantees results.

 We’ve helped give countless patients straight teeth for the future.

 Browse our Before and After gallery and understand our orthodontic treatments can help you.

Reviews of Clear Braces

Providing Long-Lasting Orthodontic Solutions for Over 20 Years.

Smile More Dental Care is proud of the orthodontic treatments we carry out.

We’ve helped patients get the smile they want and we take great pride with the reviews and testimonials they give to us.


Get Your Perfect Smile In Just Six Months with Smile More Dental Care.

 Our Six Month Smile orthodontic treatment is highly dependable and guarantees straight teeth.

 Discover how our orthodontic treatments have helped previous patients of ours.

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Our Orthodontic Dentists Will Ensure Your Brace is Right for You

 For over 20 years, Smile More Dental Care ensures that the correct preparation is carried out before treatment.

We want to ensure that we supply your teeth with a well-fitted brace for the best results.