The people of North London love the Inman Aligner

The Inman Aligner is an amazing and modern way for the people of north London to straighten their front teeth.

Did you miss out on orthodontics when you were younger? Perhaps you had your teeth straightened but they have gone back to how they work for? Then if it is your front teeth which are crooked why not join the many other patients that have enjoyed straighter teeth in North London with the Inman aligner.

How does the Inman aligner work?

All teeth move on the same basic principle that if we apply pressure in a particular area then the tooth will tend to move. The Inman aligner is a radical new way of moving teeth as the inventor has found a way to apply pressure in two directions. The orthodontic brace has an innovative double spring mechanism that allows it to pull and push in different directions at the same time. See costs.

Suppose your teeth are rotated, and one part of your tooth is sticking out under another part of your tooth is in. The Inman aligner can push from one side and pull from the other enabling the tooth to be straightened much faster than conventional orthodontic treatments.

The Inman aligner is a removable orthodontic appliance and as such you need to ensure that you wear the Inman aligner for at least 20 hours per day. Only removing it to eat your meals and to clean it at night.

Is the Inman aligner invisible?

There is no such thing as an invisible brace, some braces such as Invisalign are almost invisible and due to the way the Inman aligner is constructed it is far less visible than conventional removable orthodontics or traditional train track braces. However, it is not quite as invisible as Invisalign.

How long does the treatment take?

It rather depends upon the exact amount that your teeth need to be rotated by, however, a good estimate is around 12 weeks, although sometimes it is shorter and often it is more than this. Only by doing a detailed examination of your exact tooth positions and ideally where we want them to move to is it possible to work out exactly how long the Inman aligner treatment will take in your case.

I live in North London, where can I get Inman Aligner?

You need to ensure that the dental practice you visit has had full training and certified offer the Inman Aligner. Our dental practice in St John’s Wood in the heart of North London has achieved accreditation as an Inman aligner provider. We offer a free consultation on any orthodontic treatment, so if you are thinking that you would like to visit our practice for the Inman aligner then do give us a call and we can see you for a free assessment.

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