Which is better, braces or Invisalign?

Invisalign vs braces

You’ve just heard the news that in about one year from now, there’s going to be a family wedding. Or, you are in a line up for a photo with friends and you are asked to shout ‘cheese’ with teeth on show.

Your first thought is to hide the right side of your mouth, for fear of showing a crooked set of teeth.

Does any of this feel familiar?

If it does, I want you to know that all of us here at Smile More Dental Care empathise with you. We really can help you.

We know that the idea of having track braces, for some, makes them want to run for the hills, but have you heard of Invisalign?

The most common reported issues with traditional braces are;

  1. The level of discomfort,
  2. Not being able to eat properly,
  3. Not feeling you can smile during the process because of the tracks compromising your smile.

Most of us want to feel confident that when pouting for that all-important selfie; our teeth are going to shine like well-placed jewels and not crooked semi-precious stones.

So, having normal tracks, whilst being able to achieve the desired result over time, means compromise – you cannot smile for the camera!

Does this all sound bleak?
Well, do not despair, Invisalign is a tried and test solution recommended by many London dentists.

What is the Invisalign Clear Brace?

  • Invisalign Clear Brace is a set of transparent trays that fit comfortably around each tooth, gently aligning them from the moment the tray is put in the mouth. These allow the teeth to be corrected discreetly.
  • As the process gets underway the clear aligner applies a small amount of pressure on each individual tooth to straighten it.
  • Over time, the teeth begin to align themselves. New trays are fitted and refitted until they are straight. In some cases, Invisalign has completed the process in 6 months.

Invisalign Brace can be taken out for eating, flossing and brushing your teeth, which is great, because you can get on with posing for photos and going to family weddings without the worry of your dental treatment being on show.

We are committed to our patients here at Smile More Dental Care. We want to see you smile confidently.

Our patients are happy with the great results that they are seeing in as little as six months with Invisalign.

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  • Look at our before and after photos to see what you can expect to see after completing the process.

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