Our Natural-Looking, Long Lasting and Durable Dental Implants Can Revitalise Your Smile

Everybody should feel confident about their smile. At Smile More Dental Care, we want to help provide you with a dental implant treatment that's effective and that can restore your confidence.

Dental Implants are a brilliant dental solution for replacing broken, damaged or missing teeth. At Smile More Dental Care, we offer a wealth of dental implant treatments such as dentures and dental bridges.

If you’re interested in our dental implant treatments or have further questions for us, feel free to call us on 02075861210. You can also book an appointment with us so we can further understand your requirements and budget for treatment. Find out more about our Smile Makeover.


Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants have a wealth of benefits, including cosmetic reasons and for oral hygiene.

Our dental implant treatments are designed to improve the condition of your teeth and install confidence in your smile. Find out more.

Smile More Dental Implants

For over twenty years, we’ve been offering Dental Implant treatments from our London Clinic.

We’re committed to providing dental implant treatment that gives you long-lasting results.

We take great pride with our durable, natural-looking dental implants.

Dental bridges

Effective and dependable dental treatment designed specifically to replace multiple missing teeth.  

Dental Bridges from Smile More Dental Care is a fantastic solution to restore your smile if you’re missing multiple teeth.

Find out more about dental bridges and how it can be the perfect dental treatment for you.

Nervous patients

We’re here to make your dental implant treatment as comfortable as possible.

We understand the concerns of our nervous and anxious patients, which is why we’re here to help.

We’ll be with you with every step of your treatment, providing the support you need.

Dental Implant Procedures

Throughout your implant treatment, we’ll ensure you remain comfortable throughout.

Our highly experienced dentists design a dental implant treatment specifically for you.

We want to keep you informed throughout each step of your dental implant treatment. Learn more about the implant procedure.  

Dental Dentures

Dental Dentures designed by Smile More to feel comfortable on your gums whilst creating a natural-looking smile.

At Smile More, our dental denture treatment is designed to achieve a confident smile.

From our London clinic, we carry out leading dental denture implant treatments that can look great and are designed to last.

What options are there to replace a missing tooth after an extraction?

Our firm advice is to consider how you will replace the missing tooth BEFORE the tooth is extracted. You should discuss with your dentist how you wish to restore your smile once the tooth has been removed. This is because it is possible to immediately place a dental implant into the socket as soon as the tooth has been extracted, however this needs careful planning and cannot be decided on the day. This has the distinct advantage of supporting the bone around the extraction site meaning you get less bone resorption and a far more predictable cosmetic result once the implant is replaced.

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