Most traditional smile makeovers are created with a minimum of two-week time span in order for the ceramist to create the actual artificial teeth that form the building blocks of the new smile. So after the dentist has assessed and established a new smile design for you, the ceramist or laboratory technician then creates the smile in porcelain based upon the criteria provided by the dentist. This whole process takes at least 2 appointments with 2 weeks in between.

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For some this can intrude on their time and they may experience difficulties in arranging the two separate appointments on different days. Often due to other time commitments the patient may even exceed the two week timespan and may experience further delays in arranging day to fit the final teeth. This can sometimes prove to be inconvenient.

We now have the perfect solution – a One Day Smile.

At Smile More Dental Care, One Day Smiles are literally that, they are created in a day. However, there are multiple other advantages to the techniques that we use which can provide a more comfortable overall experience.

Advantages of One Day Smile Makeovers

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Smile Makeover

Are you are embarrassed by your smile, we provide beautiful, personalised, long term cosmetic solutions for you, including smiles in a day. We provide the latest smile design technology to provide dental veneers, cosmetic braces and smile makeovers.

Digital Scanning of your teeth

A great advantage of digitally scanning your teeth is that you do not have to have any gooey material placed in your mouth in order to create impressions (moulds) of your teeth.

How your new smile makeover is designed

Digital Smile Designing is a modern technique that allows for customized accurate designing of new smile makeovers. It is a tool used to personalize your new smile so that it ultimately looks like it belongs to you and suits you.

How we create a One Day Smile Makeover

A unique combination of advanced technologies and customized smile designing methods contributes to your new smile makeover.

The Final Aesthetics of your New Smile

Unlike in previous years, you will be pleased to know that we are able to use a wide range of techniques to create the stunning looks with the porcelains used in the Cerec machine.

Treatment Planning with Scans

The most important advantage of scanning your teeth is that there is a huge level of accuracy and detail within the scan image. Dr. Paul Abraham finds this very useful and has attained huge success with this technique.


This is where the most modern advances in technology benefit our patients in our practice – one of the things our patients tell us they hate most about the dentist is the nasty impressions we have to take for many treatments.


CEREC allows us to make CADCAM crowns, veneers and white fillings in the same day whilst you wait in our dentistry.

No Impressions

This is a question we get asked lots at our dental practice, so we thought we would take some time to take a look at the common reasons why your teeth may not be quite as white as you’d like them to be… Some of those reasons are obvious but others aren’t!

3D scanning

One of the biggest revolutions in modern technology is 3-D scanning and rapid prototyping, these techniques are used for the production of Formula One cars and in many other areas of industry.