Am I Too Old for Invisalign?

As we reach our teenage years, our faces and smiles develop fully. Although you can have misaligned teeth earlier, many people start to receive teeth straightening treatments as they hit their teens. 

Because so many people straighten their teeth as a teenager, this may lead you to believe that you’ve missed out on getting a straighter smile if you’ve not received treatment by the time you reach adulthood. 

Additionally, given how convenient, comfortable, and subtle Invisalign sounds, you may think you cannot take advantage of this treatment option because of your age. So, are you too old for Invisalign?

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of Invisalign and why it’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted.

What Exactly Is Invisalign Anyway?

Invisalign is a clear, removable aligner system for straightening teeth. Over the last two decades, it’s grown in popularity and is now commonly used as an alternative to traditional fixed braces. 

The custom-made aligners create a constant gentle pressure on your teeth, helping them move into a more aesthetically pleasing position. 

Throughout the treatment process, you’ll switch aligners every two weeks. Although your aligners look very similar, it’s vital to wear them in the order we give them. 

We get very accurate and tailored results from Invisalign because the process is carefully mapped using powerful software. During an initial consultation, we’ll take digital scans of your smile to inform the treatment process. 

When you receive your Invisalign aligner, you will need to wear it for 22 hours every day. It’s comfortable, and you can sleep in it. You should take your aligner out at mealtimes and when drinking or brushing your teeth. 

Am I Too Old for Invisalign?

Although it might seem like teeth straightening is something for teenagers, it’s actually something that can be done at any point in your life from childhood onwards. 

Teenagers are the biggest age group for aligner and fixed brace treatments for several reasons. Orthodontic issues often first become apparent around this age. Before their late teens, a young person can be less self-conscious about wearing an orthodontic appliance. Additionally, treating a teenager earlier can make it easier for them to take time out of school for dental appointments. 

But just because it’s convenient to straighten teeth earlier doesn’t mean you can’t receive treatment in your 20s, 30s, or later. 

Why Is Invisalign Perfect for Adult Treatments?

Invisalign is ideal for straightening mild to moderate issues like crowding, gaps in your smile, or crooked teeth. We can also use Invisalign to correct misaligned bites. Lots of adults choose Invisalign because: 

  • It’s discreet: Your aligner will be made from translucent thermoplastic. It’s so subtle that most people won’t even notice you’re wearing it. 
  • It doesn’t require big changes to your lifestyle: You can take your aligner out at mealtimes, meaning you don’t need to give up your favourite meals. 
  • There are no adjustments: Fixed braces need tightening. With Invisalign, you simply switch your aligner, meaning fewer appointments. 
  • It’s comfortable: Every aligner is made from smooth plastic, so you’ll barely notice you’re wearing it. 
  • It’s predictable: Invisalign is very effective at giving you the smile you expect to get.

In addition to these fantastic benefits, adults also take favourably to Invisalign treatment. Although we enjoy a fantastic success rate with younger patients, adults comply with their treatment plans exceptionally well, increasing the chances of success. 

This is because, as an adult, you’re more emotionally and financially invested in the success of your treatment. You will have a greater desire to improve your smile and your oral health. Additionally, you’re probably very committed to your oral care. 

What Could Stop Me Getting Invisalign as an Adult?

Although Invisalign is a versatile treatment, it’s not for everyone. Before we can say for definite whether Invisalign is right for you, we’d need to see you for a consultation. As an adult, barriers to treatment could include having a more severe misalignment or certain oral health concerns. 

Invisalign in London

It’s never too late to enjoy the benefits of straighter teeth, and there’s no better way to do this than with Invisalign. 

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