Dental Phobia, Anxiety and Fear

We understand that some people feel very anxious or nervous about visiting the dentist.

It may be the whole experience that worries you, or perhaps just one aspect.

We know that often a dental phobic has experienced some form of difficult, painful or stressful dental treatment in the past – after all, no-one is born afraid of the dentist, so this fear is learnt over the years.

However, the great thing is that this fear can also be unlearnt!

Whatever your concerns are, please do let us know about them – and why not take our free eCourse which will help you to overcome your fears. We will do our best to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

If you still feel you need an extra helping hand to get you through an appointment or procedure, we can offer either a pre-appointment sedative or intravenous sedation (see Nervous Patients).

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