Tooth Ache or Painful Teeth

Are You Experiencing Pain?

There are several different types of dental pain, as well as a number of causes.

Temporary pain, when eating or drinking hot or cold foods, can be caused by sensitive teeth.

Often this problem can be alleviated by using a toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth, but if after a few weeks it has not got any better please come and see us.

Lingering pain or toothache, or a sharp pain when biting down, is usually an indication that the tooth is decayed, cracked or otherwise damaged.

Please arrange an appointment to see us as soon as you can so we can stop the problem from getting any worse.

Constant and severe pain means you may have an abscess caused by an infection.

You should see us as soon as possible – we will be able to reduce the pain by giving you antibiotics, and will be able to treat the tooth once the inflammation has gone.