Dental Implants: Separating the Myths From the Facts

Dental implants are one of the most popular ways to replace missing teeth. And there are lots of good reasons for their popularity. While other options to replace missing teeth, like dentures or bridges, don’t have roots, dental implants act as replacement roots for lifelike crowns. This gives your new teeth unparalleled support. 

Before getting dental implants, it’s important to do some research to work out whether it’s right for you. But in the age of instant information, it’s hard to know what is an opinion or a myth and what is fact. 

To help you understand dental implants, we’ve separated some of the commonly held misconceptions about them from the truth.  

MYTH: You Need Perfect Teeth to Get Dental Implants

FACT: While we do need to consider your oral health when we determine whether you’re a suitable dental implant candidate, the condition of your teeth isn’t as important as the foundation we’ll be creating for your replacement teeth. 

You will need healthy gums and jaw bones as they will support the implant. 

MYTH: Dental Implants Are Not Suitable for Older Patients

FACT: There is no upper age limit for dental implants. Assuming your jawbone is healthy enough to support the implants, we can place them. 

Younger patients who do not have a fully developed jawline are not suitable candidates for dental implants. 

MYTH: You Can Only Have Implants Immediately After Losing Teeth

FACT: You need sufficient density in your jaw to support your implant. While bone mass often deteriorates after losing teeth, a scan may reveal you still have enough jaw to sustain implants. 

If you have lost too much bone in your jaw,  procedures such as bone grafts or sinus lifts can help you rebuild lost strength and density. 

MYTH: Dental Implants Don’t Last

FACT: A dental implant is made from titanium, a metal that doesn’t corrode or break down over time. Once a dental implant is placed, assuming your oral health remains good, it should last a lifetime. 

The only element of your restoration that will need replacing is the crown. These typically last for 10 to 15 years with proper care. 

MYTH: Dental Implants Don’t Look Real

FACT: You may have seen countless smiles with dental implants, and you won’t have noticed they are there. Dental implants support crowns. We make fully customised crowns that match the colour, size, and shape of your natural teeth. This guarantees your new tooth will seamlessly blend into your smile. 

MYTH: Dental Implants Need Lots of Maintenance

FACT: Once we’ve placed your dental implants, there are no specific care guidelines you’ll need to follow outside of your normal hygiene routine. Brushing twice daily, flossing, using mouthwash, and visiting us for checkups and hygiene appointments will ensure your implants are as healthy as the rest of your smile. 

MYTH: The Dental Implant Procedure Is Painful

FACT: Although dental implant surgery involves more steps than many other procedures, it’s no worse. We’ll always provide an anaesthetic to prevent any discomfort during your appointment. While you recover, you can manage any pain with painkillers like paracetamol. 

MYTH: Dental Implants Often Fail

FACTS: Unfortunately, it’s often negative stories that get shared online. Dental implant surgery enjoys a very high success rate, and titanium is the metal of choice because it’s biocompatible and will fuse with the jaw. It is very rare that an implant doesn’t fuse properly, but we’ll carry out full assessments before treatment to ensure this is the right option for you. 

Dental Implants In London

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