CFast Cosmetic Orthodontics

March 23, 2018 by Dr Paul Abrahams


Cfast braces offer a brand-new way to straighten teeth.

Many people are now looking for an affordable, quick and almost invisible way to straighten teeth and we believe we have found this unique system with Cfast.

If you are looking for quick straight teeth then Cfast could be the ideal option. Because the system is only dealing with the front six teeth treatment times are greatly reduced delighting those people looking for the fastest way to straighten teeth.

These braces alsoutilise the most modern technology and have clear brackets and tooth coloured wires meaning your braces are almost imperceptible whilst being worn.

CFast as a company require all of their dentists to go on special training courses and we are pleased to announce that we are now certified and registered with them as an approved provider of their orthodontic braces.

Why would you want straighter teeth?

The truth is that you may be happy with teeth that are not straight, however from an oral hygiene point of view straighter teeth are also easier to clean. When you clean your teeth it is important that you ensure they are adequately clean in between the teeth where they touch. This means you should be using dental floss or brushes inter dentally each time you brush, this will ensure that your teeth clean all the way around.

If your teeth are crooked it can sometimes be difficult to get the brushes or floss through the gaps and so, generally speaking, straighter teeth have a tendency to be healthier teeth due to the ease with which you can clean them.

If you would like to consider having your teeth straightened then we offer a free consultation, please download your complimentary voucher by entering your details on the form to the right of this page.


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