Subtle forms of cosmetic dentistry: when you’re not committed to the ‘Hollywood smile!’

Alternatives to veneers

The trend of bearing a mouth filled with perfectly straight, fully aligned and immaculately shaped sparkling white teeth was popularised by celebs and is becoming more common amongst ‘influencers’ and other non-famous people.

At Smile More Dental Care, we receive patients who know exactly what kind of results they are set on, and often this means they are looking for that perfect ‘Hollywood smile.’

Although this look of movie star straight, perfectly coloured teeth is appealing – it’s not for everyone and it is definitely not the only option available!

Some people may be looking for more subtle results.

This may be because you don’t want people to know you have had treatment or because you simply prefer a more natural aesthetic.

Thankfully, at Smile More Dental Care, we are here to please our patients, and we are able to fully customise our treatments to suit all needs and desires.

If you require a full smile makeover but want a more natural look, then we still have the option to go ahead with veneers, which is how most people achieve the famous ‘Hollywood smile.’

However, if you are only looking for really subtle changes, you may want to consider a less invasive procedure. Such as:


One of the teeth-straightening treatments we offer is Invisalign.

We understand that most people don’t want to be wearing braces past their teenage years, and Invisalign helps target this issue since the braces are virtually invisible.

Invisalign is a teeth-straightening system comprised of clear positioning trays, that work in the same way as traditional ‘train-track’ braces.

You should wear the aligners full-time, but this is usually not a problem because they are unnoticeable and generally comfortable to wear.

They work by placing a small amount of pressure onto each tooth in order to straighten them and leave you with a smile you deserve.

The treatment process takes only six months, and the Invisalign can be removed to eat and brush your teeth, meaning that the brace won’t affect you on a daily basis.Clear Braces

Teeth whitening after Invisalign

One benefit of using Invisalign is that patients do not experience the same discolouring that occurs when wearing traditional braces.

Since the Invisalign treatment utilises a full-coverage mouthpiece, patients do not have the problem of the lighter squares on their teeth where the brackets were like normal braces.

However, often patients still desire to have a post-Invisalign teeth whitening treatment, since it can help to remove stains that have developed on the surface of the teeth from years of staining from food and drink, resulting in an even brighter smile.

In most cases, we can whiten teeth to several shades brighter, showing a significant improvement.

After completing your Invisalign treatment, you will likely be very proud of your new smile and eager to do all you can to make your smile stand out even more.

Teeth whitening is an easy and simple solution that can enhance a smile without being overly intrusive or invasive on tooth tissue.

At Smile More, we offer both home whitening and in-surgery whitening, though we recommend in-surgery whitening as the safest and most effective option.

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