Teeth whitening in a beauty spa

March 23, 2018 by Dr Paul Abrahams


Teeth whitening and dental procedure and can only be carried out by dentist, in this blog post we discuss this important issue.

For a few years now teeth whitening has been one of the most popular treatments in any dental practice, and this is true of our St John’s Wood practice too. But why is this? Why is teeth whitening so popular?

It is one of the few treatments in dentistry that is almost completely elective, in other words virtually everyone is able to have teeth whitening without any other form of treatment. It is also one of the most cost effective ways of whitening your smile, and we all know that a whiter smile gives you more confidence.

So let’s look at the process of teeth whitening, what actually is it?

The procedure is totally safe when conducted by a trained dentist, and the reason you need a trained dentist is that the material used to whitening your teeth is in fact peroxide. And whilst this peroxides bleaching agent is capable of whitening your teeth, it could also cause sensitivity and irritate your guns.

If this were to happen you need to be under the care of a trained dental professional so that any remedial action can be taken quickly, efficiently and in a way that will be beneficial to you. Having this trained dentist oversee the treatment clearly has a cost, and it is this cost off teeth whitening that many beauty therapists and spas have sought to reduce.

The General Dental Council is the organisation which oversees dentistry in the United Kingdom and it has recently prosecuted a beautician for carrying out teeth whitening. As recently as third of August 2012 this beautician faced two charges at Preston magistrates Court.

It was alleged that she unlawfully practiced dentistry by carrying out tooth whitening when she was not registered with the General Dental Council, this is contrary to the Dentists act 1984. It is also alleged that she unlawfully carried out the business of dentistry when she was not entitled to do so, also contrary to the dentists act 1984.

The beautician was investigated after a complaint was made about her by a member of the general public regarding the manner in which her teeth have been whitened, she was fined £600 on each of the offences and ordered to pay £3277 towards costs.

General advice regarding teeth whitening at beauty spas.

We recommend that anyone considering having their teeth whitened should always see a general dental Council registered dentist so that they can be fully assessed whether teeth whitening is appropriate or right for them. Registered dental hygienists and dental therapists can also carry out tooth whitening on the prescription of a dentist.


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