Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence

March 22, 2018 by Dr Paul Abrahams


We become an Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence for Teeth Whitening in St Johns Wood, London.

We are extremely proud to announce that our dental practice has been given the status of “Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence” by Enlighten Research Laboratories.

Enlighten is a teeth whitening system which offers guaranteed results of the lightest B1 Tooth shade using a 14 day home teeth whitening treatment with a 40 min power top up in the dental practice.

It has been shown that your smile is one of the first things that people notice about you when they meet you for the first time, in fact a Sonicare survey of 1008 adults found that when meeting a person for the first time:

  • 47% noticed the smile first
  • 31% noticed the eyes first
  • 11% noticed the smell first
  • 7% noticed the clothes first
  • 4% noticed the hair first

Many of us spend lots of money on expensive perfumes, nice clothes and ensuring our hair is nicely presented… But what about our smile? With 47% of people noticing it first when they meet us it would make sense to invest in a beautiful smile.

As the Enlighten Regional Centre of Excellence we are uniquely able to help, here is a short video about Enlighten Teeth Whitening.

Special Teeth Whitening Offer – £50 off

We would invite you to celebrate our new special status as a regional centre of excellence with us and enjoy £50 off of enlighten teeth whitening for the first 25 people.

This offer can only run to the first 25 people as we have been awarded a limited number of discounted whitening kits, to take advantage of this offer please call the practice on the number above today, if you are on a mobile device simply click the phone number to call us now.

The normal price of teeth whitening is £595, this is for a 14 day home whitening with trays and bleaching gel and then a 40 min in surgery top up to ensure your smile is as white as possible.

The whitening trays used will be custom-made and precision fitting to ensure that your delicate gums are protected during the teeth whitening procedure. Using precision technology in this way makes it safe to offer teeth whitening.


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