Important principles for the perfect smile

Principles of Smile Design Smile design describes the process of a dental procedure that enhances your smile by creating a straighter and white smile. Not only this, but smile designs are used to improve your mouth’s original oral hygiene state that strengthens your existing teeth. ‘Britain’s top 100 dentists recorded a turnover of almost £1bn … Read more

Smile Correction Treatment

Smile Makeover Process Many people are unhappy with the look of their smiles, this may be because of stains, discoloured teeth or overbites, etc. This is why smile correction treatments have become very popular – they offer quick fixes for each cosmetic concern you might have. ‘In 2018, seven out of 10 people in Britain … Read more

The art of creating a beautiful smile

Smile Design As cosmetic dentistry treatments become increasingly popular. This is because more and more dentists are starting to offer treatments such as veneers, cosmetic braces and teeth whitening. Over the years, general dentistry has evolved to bring the birth of cosmetic dentistry. This is where dentists are no longer responsible solely for your oral … Read more